Sea Monsters that Lost their Way

Predicting species of stranded cetacea with tidymodels and textrecipes

A Frosty Deal?

Quantitative textual analysis, word embeddings and shifting trade-talk sentiment

The Goldilocks Principle

When investing in stocks, how many might be considered ‘just right’?

Weathering the Storm

Covid-19 began battering the financial markets in February. Which sectors are faring best?

Favourite Things

R packages that make doing data science a joy

East-West Divide

Can cluster analysis tell us if we’re drifting farther apart?

Bigger & Brighter

Seeing the wood for the trees (and escaping the gloom)

Can Ravens Forecast?

Humans have the magical ability to plan for future events

Six Months Later

Exploring colour palettes and small multiples with ggplot2

Criminal Goings-on

Criminal goings-on in a random forest (and the effects of time)

Plots Thicken

Every story needs a good plot

Cluster of Six

Exploring voting patterns with hierarchical clustering

Digging Deep

Do we see more planning applications when house sales are depressed?

Surprising Stories

A little geospatial mapping and an unexpected find

House Sales

A series of events that damped down sales in London

Set Operations

A tidy(verse) approach to the exploration of sets and their intersections

Let’s Jitter

Welcome to the tidyverse with simple visualisations (and a little jittering)

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Moving House

Moving House

Leaving Wordpress for a quieter life in Blogdown

Carl Goodwin

Carl Goodwin

Data Scientist


36 years’ service at IBM have enabled me to evolve and deploy my core strengths of boiling down complexity, and developing and articulating a strategy grounded in facts.

My time at “Big Blue” provided the opportunity to work at scale including, for example, strategic planning for a $2bn-per-year revenue UK services business, and leading a global sales coverage strategy and alignment programme influencing how we allocated 40,000 sellers.

Skilled in exploiting data science for business, I especially like to use R for its flexibility and power. R is an open source language for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing, and is widely used among statisticians and data scientists.

To bring my work to life, I create my own graphics with my trusty iPad and Pencil, and occasionally post on R-bloggers.

I post-graduated with an MBA from Hult International Business School in London as valedictorian for 2001. And I live in London.


  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Adobe Fresco


  • MBA, 2000

    Hult International Business School