A Frosty Deal?

Quantitative textual analysis, word embeddings and shifting trade-talk sentiment

The Goldilocks Principle

When investing in stocks, how many might be considered 'just right'?

Weathering the Storm

Covid-19 began battering the financial markets in February. Which sectors are faring best?

Favourite Things

R packages that make doing data science a joy

East-West Divide

Can cluster analysis tell us if we're drifting farther apart?

Bigger & Brighter

Seeing the wood for the trees (and escaping the gloom)

Can Ravens Forecast?

Humans have the magical ability to plan for future events

Six Months Later

Exploring colour palettes and small multiples with ggplot2

Criminal Goings-on

Criminal goings-on in a random forest (and the effects of time)

Plots Thicken

Every story needs a good plot